In photography, aperture is used to describe how much light enters a camera sensor, which in turn affects how an image appears after the picture is taken. Mechanically, it works very much like our iris in which it limits the amount of light entering our eyes, allowing us to see the world in front of us.

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Why Athletics Cleanses the Mind

Life has gradually become more demanding over time. As technology and sciences advance, society must adjust to the keep up with the constant stream of new information. Furthermore, the daily grind every one of us goes through makes it obvious as to why so many are stressed out and overwhelmed. Our brain simply cannot keep up. Even when people go on vacation to de-stress, they still have the nagging reminder at the back of their mind that a bill needs to be paid or a task at work still needs to be completed when they return. Thus, they may even be more stressful while on vacation than they would have been if they stayed home.

A better solution that costs less and works infinitely more to help destress is exercising. When I say exercise, I don’t mean running a mile, while trying to post a picture on social media. Exercising must be done with determination and focus. As we exert ourselves, our mind is forced to work with our body to find the most efficient way to finish our task without depleting all our energy. In doing so, the mind throws out the nonessential such as worry or anxiety. Anything outside our body simply disappears. We don’t think about ongoing wars in the Middle East, politics, or even what to make for dinner later. Nothing but that single point in time matters. Time spent exercising is the reprieve our brain needs to decompress.

An Immigrant Story

We come to this land with nothing but clothes on our backs.
Driven by a dream to create a better life for ourselves and our kin.
The struggles we bare are nothing, compared to the failure should we run from it.
We know what lies behind us, so we trudge forward.
Breaking any wall that stands between us and our purpose.
Sacrifice is not our chore, but our reward.
We savor for the chance to give ourselves for a greater calling.

As we know nothing, we cluster together, creating bonds and communities.
An effort to create a sense of familiarity.
Of homes, we hope to never forget.
Out paths converges with others and they too share our story. So, we learn from one another.
Together, creating bigger wholes than our individual parts.

Time passes by and we grow older. We grow proud, but not from our success,
but of our children’s. We share in their laughter and joy. A priceless gift we received
from hard work and fortitude. The knowledge  we’ve escaped from certain death should we stayed.

We ask not for handouts or a free meal,
but an opportunity to create opportunities.
When we are done, preparing to leave, we sit and we envy. As the next generation joins and begins their journey.

This is America, this is our story.

The Anchor

Kevin takes another breath. His left hand bouncing the ball subconsciously as if an autonomous machine. He looks above his defender towards the shot clock in glowing red indicating 12 seconds remaining, then towards his defender’s feet. They are both flat facing him, a neutral position to react and defend Kevin’s attack. Kevin also realizes his advantage. His defender will be just slow enough for Kevin to make his move.

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The Great American Con

“Never underestimated the power of stupid people in large groups.” – George Carlin

Yesterday, America was sold by a con man. We paid our dignity, our hopes, and our future in return for a cardboard cutout of a country. The worst part is that we did so knowingly and willingly so we have no one to blame but ourselves. This is what happens when the majority of your population doesn’t have a college degree, is racist, and entitled.

Here’s hoping for 4 years of lame duck or impeachment.

Blue Ocean

When they zig, you zag.

In business, Blue Ocean is a strategic concept that focuses on finding uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant. A great example of a Blue Ocean strategy comes from Nintendo. In the late 90s as the video game industry was becoming more and more competitive, Nintendo, the once leader of the pack began losing to longtime rival Sony Playstation and newcomer Microsoft Xbox. As a result, to regain market share, they started to focus on a different audience that was generally not targeted due to social norms. They shifted their focus from the predominate gaming demographic which includes teenage and young adult males, to women, children, and elderly people with their new Nintendo Wii and fitness sports games. At a price point of 200 dollars per Wii console, it was more targeted towards the less hardcore gamers and focused on those who enjoy short challenges without having to invest in long hours. Additionally, they started the trend of fitness tracking with their Wii Fitness and became vastly successful until other companies like FitBit overtook them. However, the success from Nintendo provides a great example of how existing companies can still find opportunities in a hyper competitive market.

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