The Perfect Situation

In the mix.


Humans are lazy. We naturally seek the easiest route towards completing an objective. With this in mind, when we are assigned a task to complete, we often look for these perfect situations before we go about to start on our task. We tell ourselves that there is a perfect condition in which everything is JUST right and would provide us the easiest and smoothest route to meet our goal. We also tell ourselves that we absolutely need these perfect conditions before we can do our task effectively and if it doesn’t exist, we can’t do our job.

Effectively, this is the wrong mindset. There is no “perfect” situation. It cannot possible exist. Think about it, if we were to wait for the most opportune time to come, most likely nothing will ever be done. How will we even know when the stars align and if a car will pass at a certain time or if we have to duck a tree at a certain point? It’s impossible. We’ll have to be able to know the future in order to find the most perfect situation. Instead, what we must do is create our “perfect” situation. Additionally, what if during the time we’re sitting around waiting for the perfect opportunity to come, we miss the perfect opportunity? Are we forever lost? Is our chance to succeed gone? Luckily, the answer is no.

We can create the perfect condition. The way to go about it is actually very easy. We need to start by accepting that every moment in time is the perfect situation. Because life is random and everything we do is random, there is no way for us to actually know if this moment is better than the next moment. Instead we should do what we need to as soon as we can.

If you want to complete an assignment for school, you should just do it. The idea that we may perform better at night or in the morning or whatever, is just us rationalizing our laziness. Once you actually sit down and start the work the content starts to come out through our work. After the assignment or task is complete, we’ll tell ourselves that it was the perfect condition. What this example shows is that the results will change the way we feel about the moment and 99% of the time, we’ll think that the time we just spent was the most opportune time. We must create our situation and only in hindsight can we judge whether it was perfect or not.

To conclude, while sure if you have a gun to your head in your house, that is not the most appropriate time to ask your abductor to take out the trash (maybe it is, because who knows what could happen right?), when we have to do something or want to do something, we should work on that something as soon as we can. We don’t need inspiration or any outside forces to help us get going. The only thing we need is already inside us. We’re all born with an innate ability to achieve. Our brain has the ability to inspire and push ourselves as long as we will it to.

Author: Nhan Le

By way of Anaheim, CA.

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