Suit Game: Color combination

Step 1: Look Good.
Step 2: Don’t look not good.


Suits for men are important. You’ll eventually need to wear one throughout your life. While no one will fault you for not having the most expensive suit or lavish shirt and tie, the one thing you can control is the color combination to look good. Most men think you can probably throw on anything and it works. Sure I guess, if you want to look like this.

Or maybe you like being the center of attention so you try a drastic contrast combination such as this:

As you can see, it looks ridiculous. Men’s suits have been around forever and it is not hard to look decent. 99% of the time, you’re buying the same shirt anyways. What you’re doing wrong is combining the wrong colors. While every color of the rainbow has a place in terms of suit wear, they cannot be combined willynilly. The color choices and the event that you’re going to matters. With that said, below is a basic combination guide for various color choices for various occasions.

Office/Business Event – You’ll mostly want to go with a darker suit and a light shirt and dark tie.

For more formal event, you may start adding in a vest and pocket square such as this:

Now for those that really want to stand out and catch people’s attention, try to only have one article of clothing that stand out, not everything. Here is an example of wearing a pink shirt. Notice how the jacket is not also pink or red but a light standard grey. The tie is a flat green. When combined together, brings out and highlights the pink shirt without it screaming for attention.

The point of this post is to let you know that wearing a suit is easy. Just choose the right colors and most of the time, you’ll be fine. However, when you choose the wrong colors, you will stick out like a sore thumb. Do your homework if you have to put on a suit. Google some pictures or look on Pinterest for examples to copy. There is no excuse for looking bad in a suit.

Author: Nhan Le

By way of Anaheim, CA.

2 thoughts on “Suit Game: Color combination”

  1. Great post mate! I feel men often avoid suits because they think they’re too drab, especially for the price. But they’re actually great money savers since you can wear the same one every day with a different tie and people will be complimenting you every which way you turn


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