iPhone 7 : Beginning of the End

Don’t stop saving the world Google.


With Apple’s recent announcement of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, one has to wonder if Apple is still at all following in Steve Job’s path towards creating a more perfect machine or if everything is simply a ploy to grab money.

While the iPhone 7 comes with new tech such as water resistance, better CPU for processing, better screen, and a better camera on the Plus, these upgrades are not necessarily ground breaking. They are just minor improvements that most Android users already had on older generation phones. Furthermore, Apple has decided to do away with the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, one of the most universally accepted and convenient tool to connect and listen to music. Instead, they are introducing their new line of wireless AirPods, which does not even come with the phone and expects to cost an additional $159. Replacing the headphones, the new iPhone 7 and Plus will now come with an AirPod charger, forcing consumers to buy the AirPods and use their technology or nothing at all. Additionally, by doing away with the 3.5mm jack, Apple is effectively forcing every iPhone user to use ApplePay as their main mobile payment service. The result is a monopoly on mobile payment as other mobile devices such as Square and Paypal, utilizes the 3.5mm jack to connect and power their payment addons. The effect does not stop at mobile payment devices. Other companies will now have to buy or license Apple’s infrared technology to create their headphones to work with new iPhones or risk losing out on Apple consumers.

This is not innovation nor change or “courage” to deviate from the norm. Apple’s new “evolution” is simply a smokescreen to kill competition and exploit consumers. While people may not respect Steve Jobs as a person, they respected and recognized his ideas. His vision in product design and the strive for perfection, have revolutionized Apple to create the behemoth we see today. People understood his goals and what he was trying to do. However, ever since his passing, Apple seem to have changed. Instead of focusing on product development, they seem to be focusing on manipulation. One can only wonder how far they will go. Will consumers soon have to buy their own screens and batteries to use their new iPhone 8? Maybe they will have to subscribe to view photos they’ve taken uploaded to the cloud.

Author: Nhan Le

By way of Anaheim, CA.

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