We have failed to uphold Brannigan’s Law. However I did make it with a hot alien babe. And in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since first he looked up at the stars?
-Captain Zapp Brannigan


The only way to progress in life is to push past our limits. The notion that we can be better than who we are today, is the driving force that enables humanity to advance further. In the movie, Limitless, we see the main character achieving superior results from taking a pill that allowed him to expand his capabilities to extraordinary lengths. While the movie is fiction and there’s no magic pill that will give us super brain capacities (not yet anyways), the ability to surpass are limits are very real. With enough effort, we can push ourselves past ourselves.

As a specie, we advance through the efforts of individuals. Everyone has the ability to surpass their current self. For individuals, the physical and mental efforts are already there, we already have what we need but holding us back is ourselves. Our brain is wired to naturally seek pleasure. Working hard, being physical, applying ourselves is opposites of what our brain wants to do because it requires energy and effort. People often want to just get by because it is comfortable. If they can do just the minimal effort to get the most value of pleasure, that is good enough. But deep down, we know this is not the best version of ourselves. So the question is how do we get better?

If we want to be better than who we are, we need to understand and accept that the ratio of effort required to break limits are vastly skewed. A great example of this is seen in sports. For example, sprinters spend countless years practicing and conditioning their bodies to increase their speed as much as possible. They work on improving their techniques over and over to shave a fraction of a second off their time. Through repetition, they get to the point where they become the best version of themselves beating their limits one day at a time. Even then, sprinters will continue to work until they beat that version of themselves, up to the point where they cannot anymore. By continuously challenging our breaking point, can we as a collective specie, slowly but surely create new limits for humanity.

Each Individual is indeed limitless. The ability is already within us. To move forward, we must first understand who we are, and secondly, the process it takes to get to the next level. The stairs are endless, and each step requires more work than the previous step. Only those with the courage to challenge can continually move up the stairs. And though it may seem daunting at times, the key is to channel our focus on just that next step. Overtime, we’ll look back and see how far we’ve climbed, surpassing who we were.

Author: Nhan Le

By way of Anaheim, CA.

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