We’re Jammin


The most unnecessary feeling that affects everything we do. We worry about all the things in our lives and do everything we can to keep that worry to a minimum. Yet, despite our efforts, we still worry even when we’ve prepared to the best of our abilities. We worry if people like us, if people accept us, if people even know we exist. We worry if what we said will get us a job or lose it, we hope and wish, analyze and reanalyze in our head situations that never happen but could potentially happen. Our worries cause stress and anxiety. What can we do to stop worrying forever?

Not much apparently. Worrying is how our brain deal with potential threats. We worry before we think rationally. The worry starts from one decision and continuously spiral out of control until we can’t take it anymore, at which we try to use outside substances like pills or alcohol to make us forget and let go. But the answer to curbing our worries laid in front of us the whole time. It is important to understand that we need to let go. From there, recognition of when the brain begins to start its process of worrying and cut it off so that we can start thinking rationally instead of emotionally. The second step is to let go of control. Our position is not one of gods. The ability to totally control our lives gives us the illusion we also have total control of the external. Yet the opposite is true. Sometimes, we don’t even have the abilities to control what we are doing, let alone what anyone and everything else is doing.

So before worry starts to spiral out of control, we must consciously tell ourselves to stop. Stopping allows us to think rationally and once we do, we can go on and be productive. As I mentioned before in my other musings, we can achieve mostly anything if we put enough time and effort. Time spent on worrying is time wasted. In life, time is limited and health even more. The faster we accept this, the faster we can channel our efforts on things that matter.

Author: Nhan Le

By way of Anaheim, CA.

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