The Anchor

Kevin takes another breath. His left hand bouncing the ball subconsciously as if an autonomous machine. He looks above his defender towards the shot clock in glowing red indicating 12 seconds remaining, then towards his defender’s feet. They are both flat facing him, a neutral position to react and defend Kevin’s attack. Kevin also realizes his advantage. His defender will be just slow enough for Kevin to make his move.

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Blue Ocean

When they zig, you zag.

In business, Blue Ocean is a strategic concept that focuses on finding uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant. A great example of a Blue Ocean strategy comes from Nintendo. In the late 90s as the video game industry was becoming more and more competitive, Nintendo, the once leader of the pack began losing to longtime rival Sony Playstation and newcomer Microsoft Xbox. As a result, to regain market share, they started to focus on a different audience that was generally not targeted due to social norms. They shifted their focus from the predominate gaming demographic which includes teenage and young adult males, to women, children, and elderly people with their new Nintendo Wii and fitness sports games. At a price point of 200 dollars per Wii console, it was more targeted towards the less hardcore gamers and focused on those who enjoy short challenges without having to invest in long hours. Additionally, they started the trend of fitness tracking with their Wii Fitness and became vastly successful until other companies like FitBit overtook them. However, the success from Nintendo provides a great example of how existing companies can still find opportunities in a hyper competitive market.

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The New Avengers

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality.

The signing of Kevin Durant has dramatically shifted the basketball landscape. In the world of fantasy basketball, the change is even more prominent. Below is a list of my top 5 9-cat fantasy players to own for next year along with their supplements. Dollar values are based on a $200 budget.

1) Russell Westbrook – $80

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Return of the King

Jeremy Lin

People are drawn to the world of professional sports because of the incredible backstories and amazing performances that athletes display. No more incredible than the unlikely story of Jeremy Lin and his road to the NBA. An Asian-American player, from Harvard University, who was able to carve out a piece of the league for himself despite being undrafted and racially discriminated by coaches, players, and fans.

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Arvydas Sabonis

Embrace change, embrace life.

Arvydas Sabonis, a Hall of Fame center from Lithuania listing at 7’ 3” 292 lbs, entered the NBA at the ripe ole age of 31. A point in a player’s career when most are thinking about retirement. Despite Father Time’s plan, Sabonis started his rookie year in 1995-96 for the Portland Trailblazer, becoming one of the most dominant what-ifs that changed the NBA’s outlook on international players. His success paved the ways for the likes of Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, and Yao Ming. Big men who were not conventional. Someone that is over 7 feet who can shoot outside four feet, pass, and combined fitness and power in a way that American centers to this day cannot replicate.

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